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"First of all, what will happen?" will be scrrened in Kino Armata!

Date : 17 September 2022

“First of all, what will happen?” (2022)
Length: 31
“First of all, what will happen?” shot at Grand-Hotel-Prishtina, follows a non-linear plot questioning the relationship between concrete matter of monuments and that of quantum physics.
Opposing the ideology presented in a monument, that of the ever lasting nationstate, Quantum physics defy commonsense notion of matter. In the tiniest scale, all matter behaves like waves and isn’t ever solid. First by affecting its viewer, it fixes its position as stable matter.
“First of all, what will happen?” is an experimental film where each scene diffracts various temporalities within and across the field of space-time-matter. Sceneries never rest but are reconfigured within, dispersed across, and threaded through one another.
A kid drives an electric vehicle through the corridors of Grand until entering the famous Room 446, in that Josip Broz Tito resided during his visits in Kosovo. The man inhabiting the room is somewhat spooky* entangled with the kid – though he’s non-present in the eyes of the child, they connect through the ever-growing black-hole outside the windows.
“First of all, what will happen?” by Florian Mehmeti Löffler
Production: Katarze Films 
Cinematographer: Leart Rama 
Lead cast: Redon Kika, Tringa Sefedini  
Supporting cast: Elisa Maxhuni 
Editor: Leart Rama, Florian Mehmeti Löffler 
Music composer: Genc Elezai, Edmond Krasniqi 
Sound recording: Atdhe Behluli 
Colorist: Leart Rama
Visual effects: Florian Mehmeti Löffler
Styling: Tringa Sefedini, Florian Mehmeti Löffler Make-up artist: Elisa Maxhuni Special thanks to: Misal Adnan Yildiz , Tringa Sefedini , Leart Rama, Genc Elezai , Josephine Pryde, Studio Pryde