Katarzë Films

FOUR PILLS AT NIGHT goes to Canada!

Date : 18 April 2022

4 Pills at Night has been officially selected in the official competition of Image+Nation Festival in
Montreal, Canada. Launched in 1987, the festival’s mission is to represent, protect and prepare
the present and future generations of queer storytellers and media makers while building
empathy through sharing stories with audiences in Canada and throughout the world.

Each year the festival screens the best of local and international queer cinema at various Montréal
venues, focusing on new voices and evolving means of storytelling in contemporary culture. [5]  Many of
the early films and activist videos screened at image+nation. LGBTQueer Montreal dealt with resistance,
liberation, AIDS and HIV. During this pre-internet era, it was difficult for festival organizers to find films
and videos to present until an LGBTQ+ festival circuit began in the early ’90s, coinciding with the indie
“New Queer Cinema” movement.