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FOUR PILLS AT NIGHT is going to Milano!

Date : 05 October 2021

FOUR PILLS AT NIGHT, directed by Leart Rama is going to Milan Film Festival. The film has been
FOUR PILLS AT NIGHT is going to Milano!
The film has been selected in the official competition of Milano Film Festival.
The first screening of the film will be on the 18th of October 2021, followed by a rescreening on
09/10/2021 at Cineceta Milano MEET.

“The intense and ambiguous relationship between a young director making his debut and his
equally young lead actor is put to the test during a rave party. But the film by the Kosovar, Leart
Rama, premiered in Locarno, is above all a disturbing visual-sensorial experience, a journey into
the depths of the subconscious to indulge in.” – Milano Film Festival