Katarzë Films


What we do

→ Directing
→ Scriptwriting
→ Producing projects
→ Cinematography

→ Postproduction/Editing, colorgrading
→ Videography
→ Event aftermovies

→ Audio Visual Performances




Katazë Films was founded in 2018 by Leart Rama in Prishtina, Kosovo. It’s an alternative filmhouse/platform focused on bringing emotions through images to life. It was inspired by the Greek word “catharsis”, which literally translates as a form of purification through an artistic experience. 

Katarzë Films creates visually pleasing fiction, experimental and non-fiction films, video-campaigns, commercials, music videos and more.

Picture was taken while shooting The Station (2017)


First Audio-Visual performance created by Leart Rama (I AM BREAKING MY HEART, 2019)


STILLS from the official trailer of THIS HUMAN WORLD festival (2020)


Picture was taken from FOUR PILLS AT NIGHT, a film by Leart Rama (2021) 


Still shots from the upcoming feature documentary by Redon Kika, I Have Never Been on an Airplane.