Katarzë Films


What we do

→ Directing
→ Scriptwriting
→ Producing projects
→ Cinematography

→ Postproduction/Editing, colorgrading
→ Videography
→ Event aftermovies

→ Audio Visual Performances




Katarzë Films is an independent film production company that was founded in 2018 by Leart
Rama in the city of Prishtina, Kosovo. The company’s primary focus is on providing an
alternative platform for filmmakers to bring emotions to life through visual storytelling. The name
“Katarzë” is derived from the Greek word “catharsis”, which means a form of purification through
an artistic experience.
Katarzë Films strives to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging films across a range
of genres, including fiction, experimental and non-fiction films, video campaigns, commercials,
and music videos. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality content that inspires and
moves audiences while pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.
The team at Katarzë Films is made up of passionate and experienced professionals who are
committed to delivering unique and impactful stories through the art of film. Their approach to
filmmaking is characterized by a collaborative and creative process that encourages
experimentation and innovation.
Through their work, Katarzë Films seeks to promote artistic expression and cultural exchange,
both within Kosovo and beyond. They believe that film has the power to transcend boundaries
and bring people together, and they are committed to using their platform to amplify diverse
voices and perspectives.
In addition to their production work, Katarzë Films is also actively involved in supporting and
promoting the local film industry in Kosovo. They offer training and mentorship opportunities for
emerging filmmakers and are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of
creatives in the region.
Overall, Katarzë Films is a dynamic and forward-thinking film production company that is
passionate about telling powerful stories and making a positive impact in the world. With their
dedication to innovation and their commitment to promoting diverse perspectives, they are
poised to be a major player in the film industry for years to come.

Picture was taken while shooting The Station (2017)


First Audio-Visual performance created by Leart Rama (I AM BREAKING MY HEART, 2019)


STILLS from the official trailer of THIS HUMAN WORLD festival (2020)


Picture was taken from FOUR PILLS AT NIGHT, a film by Leart Rama (2021) 


Still shots from the upcoming feature documentary by Redon Kika, I Have Never Been on an Airplane.